A Model’s Diet On The Run

,By Michele Smith
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Hectic is a word that doesn’t begin to describe a model’s life on the run, from waking up at the crack of dawn, to squeezing in a workout before a shoot, and managing to consume a healthy breakfast while scrambling to run out the door. Busy is a complete understatement and if a model is able to manage a quick healthy breakfast, what does a model do the rest of the day for food in between photo shoots, or appointments for prospective jobs and fittings? Here are a couple of diets/menu items that anyone can benefit from a health perspective combined with a busy lifestyle.

Clean eating – Victoria’s Secret models swear by this diet

In its most simplest of definitions, clean eating is eating healthy, non-processed foods. While most corporate employees think they are doing themselves a favor eating a low calorie frozen lunch, the truth is while many are low calorie there is typically still an excess of salt and preservatives. Many models swear by organic fruits and vegetables for a quick slim down and the key to eating clean is planning ahead to prepare fresh foods. Again, most models avoid the carbs here and stick to low-carb meals such as fresh grilled salmon with a side of vegetables.

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