A Model’s Diet On The Run

Staying hydrated

Staying hydrated in between appointments is not only key to staying energetic and healthy, but H20 will also keep a model on the run feeling full in between shoots/appointments. Most models will avoid sweet energy drinks that are full of calories. They are generally are unhealthy due to high-sugar content and keep a bottle of water on hand at all times.

Choose wisely if it comes down to fast food

As much as we all plan ahead, sometime we are faced with fast food as a last resort. The key is (and to quote Indiana Jones – The Last Crusade) “choose wisely.” If you are faced with having to dine out, always choose a salad with low-fat dressing instead of fried foods. The smart choice here (aside from the salad) is a low-cal dressing, as many creamy dressings may be pushing the calorie limit just as high as fried food options, such as French fries. This is a perfect situation where planning ahead comes in quite handy, as some models will pack a mini cooler complete with yogurt, fruits, cottage cheese, vegetables and nuts; complete with bottled water.

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