Getting Rid Of Acne: The Ultimate Guide

,By Gritty Pretty

Pimples, who needs ’em?

Bloody no one.

Alas, they’re an unavoidable part of life (thanks for the warning, absolutely no one), but we’ll be damned if we let them take anything away from us, especially our confidence.

So here’s a lesson on dealing with breakouts; whether it’s a giant under-the-skin mother effer, a region of little mounds, or those terribly tempting white heads. Good luck.


OK, so assuming you’ve cleansed your skin and haven’t picked, prodded, squeezed or gone full Tarantino on your pimple, apply a purifying charcoal or clay-based mask to draw out the dirt bag. Both dry out the area by absorbing impurities and moisture, so you really only need to apply these to your T-zone or wherever your spots are sprouting from. Leave until completely dry, usually 10 minutes.


After you’ve washed off the masque, if all has gone to plan, your skin should feel a lot less inflamed and irritated. Some white heads might even come to the surface – nice! The others are on their way. Now, instead of trying to pop your zit – GROSS, but intensely satisfying – apply a killer spot treatment to knock it down once and for all.

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