40 Healthy Late Night Snacks for Midnight Munchies

Calling all chip lovers, we’re here to tell you there is a better late-night snacking option, so put the salty lays down! Instead of buying bags of oily and salty chips at the store, try opting for some seaweed.

It might sound strange, but seaweed is packed full of flavor and holds quite the crunch. And, unlike regular chips, seaweed has minimal calories and is very light. So, you won’t go to bed feeling overly full.

Trail Mix

Trail Mix
Unkel/ullstein bild via Getty Images

For those who like a bit of sweet and salty when it comes to their snacks, trail mix is a great and healthy option. You can either buy a pre-made trail mix at the store or buy all of your favorite ingredients and make a big batch.

Typical trail mix is a great combination of dried fruits and nuts that have B vitamins and minerals, healthy fats, and some additives even support sleep.

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