K Is For Kardashian

This new social phenomenon has become big business and the heavy weights want in and perhaps more than any other industry, fashion, because it understands that when a certain Kim Kardashian says YES to Balmain, so do 52 million devoted followers. Cult following equals big business for fashion and it’s an investment the industry would be crazy to ignore. Will fashion tire of celebrity? Is it taking over the art form? Is it nothing more than a fleeting obsession? Two words. Money Talks.

For the Kardashians, there is no questioning that fame has been an open gateway into the world of high fashion, and this perhaps no more true than for Kendall, who at the age of 20 has a resume that reads like a seasoned super model.
Named in Model.com’s top 50 and among the 30 most influential teens of 2014 and 2015, Kendall is the second most followed model on social media and wait for it, the second most googled model in the world. She’s walked for fashion’s biggest names, including Balmain, Chanel, Givenchy and Oscar De La Renta, fronted covers for the likes of Vogue and Marie Claire and named girl of the moment by none other than Karl Lagerfeld. And of course there is that small matter of a contract with Estee Lauder!

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