K Is For Kardashian

For as many as there are loyal fans there are critics and of course many have argued that Kendall’s success as a model can be attributed only to a name and that hard work doesn’t even come a close second, (largely based on the fact that her rise to the top is one that typically takes many years of hard work and due diligence to achieve).

I wonder though if Kendall is simply doing what we all do to some extent everyday? The only difference being that this is version of normal looks a whole lot different to ours, because from what I can see, Kendall is maximising leverage and carving her way in an industry that has welcomed her with open arms.

Most of us trying to make a way for ourselves would kill for just one significant endorsement; we tag brands and celebrities in our social media posts in the hope of being noticed, acknowledged and elevated and aren’t we all looking for that perfect value exchange in business? That next meaningful connection that just might result in our own little piece of the fame and fortune pie? Tell me that you didn’t read that last sponsored post on social media guaranteeing you an increased following?

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