Keep Your New Year Resolution – Tips From The Models

2. Smart People Plan Ahead

Making your resolution on the night of New Year’s Eve is not the best time to do so. Chances are you are making a resolution based on your mindset of that evening, verses a well thought out plan. The key here is to make and outline a plan prior to December 31st. The outline should decide how you are going to skip any temptation and stick to your resolution, whether it means calling a friend for a support, practicing positive thinking or reminding yourself how a negative behaviour can affect your goal.

3. Reward Yourself

This doesn’t mean contradict your resolution to eat healthy, by rewarding yourself by downing a box of See’s Candy. Reward yourself by doing something that is aligned and doesn’t conflict with your resolution. For example, purchase a new outfit (exercise outfit or any other), or take a day off from the gym and hit up a movie with a friend.

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