Keep Your New Year Resolution – Tips From The Models

4. Track Your Progress

Short-term goals are typically easier to attain and by tracking your progress you will be motivated to stay on track. For example, instead of focusing on losing 35 pounds, focus on losing the first 5. In this scenario, it is also helpful to keep a food journal to track your progress and keep in mind you will have off days, Do not ever beat yourself up over a slip up – it happens, just get back on the horse again and continue on the path. Keep in mind this is a marathon not a sprint, but be sure to focus on the short term as you will be less overwhelmed.

5. Reinvent If Needed

Keep your plan flexible, and if you need to reinvent to stay focused on your goal, you should do so. For instance, if you committed to a diet that incorporates a latest food trend such as Kale, and it turns out you do not like Kale – switch to another healthy alternative such as broccoli. Focus on what works and keep your plan fluid for any changes.

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