Model Diaries #2 – An Incomplete Guide To A Models Instagram

,By Bridget Hollit – @bhollit

#bts / behind the scenes – unretouched behind the scenes shot, usually taken on an iPhone
editorial – paid or unpaid work for a magazine
test – an unpaid shoot to build the books of the team
FINAL or #final – retouched final shots from a commercial job, editorial or test shoot
Outtake – taken on the shoot by the photographer, but not included in the final shots. Usually unretouched.
If a make up artist is tagged – I’ve had my make up professionally done
#vsco or #vscocam – I’ve filtered the shot on an app called vscocam (It’s a goodie. Check it out)
Picture of a cat – I love cats
If I’m on a beach in swim on a shoot – I’m probably freezing!
#backstage – the shot was taken backstage at a fashion show. This means professional hair and make up, but usually no retouching.
If I tag a brand I’m wearing – I may have been given the clothing on the back of a shoot with the brand, and sometimes I’ve had it sent to me.
@eddieseye takes a lot of the candid shots. They’re taken on an iPhone and unretouched, but he’s a professional photographer who knows his stuff.
If I post a photo of Bondi or breakfast – I’m definitely in trackies
If I post a selfie – it was probably taken in front of a window so the light is nice. But unless I’ve tagged a make up artist, I won’t be wearing much! Also, it took me just as many tries as you. Trust me.

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