Models, Promoters & “That Life” – Part 1

,Ellen Hancock – A Not So Model Life
Instagram: @gypsy_revival

Looking at the Instagram accounts of models can create a flume of confused thoughts. Trips all over the world, fancy clothes, perfect bodies, photoshoots. Yet… sometimes there seems to be very little in the realm of actual jobs. Or somehow a gals career can go from nothing… to parties… to success. It all seems a little fantastical, a little strange. Girls are getting flown all over the world for parties or vacations. Their lives seem oh so lucky, as if they are the chosen few. Plucked from nothingness into lives that are fancy free, fascinating, and seemingly over-pouring with luxury. People follow these models on IG and they become a certain kind of celebrity.

Yet what I’m about to tell you is that a lot of what you’re seeing on these girls’ accounts can have very little to do with hard work, or even luck in their careers. You’d be surprised about how much of their “success” comes from things not at all work related. Often career success will come, but it is later – spring-boarded from a time in their life when other things were going on behind the scenes that got them to where they are today. Their internet celebrity being first, the thing to bring them attention and the numbers of followers that build commercial success later on. The truth can be awfully shocking.

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