Models, Promoters & “That Life” – Part 1

It also became quite clear that many of the girls who were being flown around were, to be brutally honest, high paid prostitutes. Or escorts. Or whatever you’d like to call them. They traveled the world in private jets to meet clients in whatever city they were hosting a party in. Not all the gals were, and I have made some dear friends on these trips too, but many were there for alternative reasons.

I was on one Vegas trip and was surprised to find out we would be partying with a big well known Hollywood actor and his entourage that weekend. One of the guys in his entourage, a club guy from New York, took a liking to me. The party went on as usual, but at the end of the night I was invited with the group to their private poker room. Curiosity killed the cat, and of course I went. I watched the well known actor lose $250,000 on a single hand of cards, without a flinch. I felt like I was getting the craziest inside look into their lifestyle! Who wouldn’t tag along to see? While hanging out the guy who had taken a liking to me handed me a $1,000 chip. Seriously?? Thank you!! Though my excitement was short-lived, as it then became clear that he expected me to sleep with him. I didn’t, he became grumpy, and I never heard from him again.

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