That One Time I Met P.Diddy

,By Carrie Lynn
Blog – OnOption

You’re too fat.  You’re too short.  You’re too ugly.  You’re not a model.  Besides hearing a bunch of negative feedback about yourself on a regular basis I’d say this job is fabulous.  Free clothing, free food, invited to free parties and trips.  It’s totally not worth it, but that’s not my point!  My point is that I’ve had some good nights, thanks to surrounding myself with ***holes who truly only want me around to make themselves look better, which wouldn’t be possible with out my choice to model.  I’m so happy I don’t do this anymore.  I obviously suggest having a little fun while you’re young, just do not get lost in the lifestyle.  

Lucky enough, my girlfriend and I got invited, with our friends to this huge Mansion during Ultra Music Festival.  For those of you who don’t know what that is…imagine a festival of house/trance/techno music, which I’ve always assumed were the same thing.  That crap makes me want to bash my head into a pole!  People come from all over to listen to this and do drugs…and wear weird clothes…and their sunglasses indoors.

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