That One Time I Met P.Diddy

MY FRIEND: “I am the mask of Zorro” as she pulls the masquerade mask from her forehead over her eyes.

P.DIDDYLooks at her and walks away.

Ha ha.  I guess you’d really have to be there to think it was funny.  She attempted a second try a few hours later while he was on the microphone thanking everyone for coming.

P.DIDDY: Speaking to the half-naked groupies in the pool.

MY FRIEND: “How about them tittayyysssss.” (not titties…tittayyyysssss)

P.DIDDY: Stops talking.  Walks away.

Again I guess you had to be there!  He wasn’t having any of it!!!  How he couldn’t find her and her english accent utterly attractive and charming beats me!  Haha.  Perhaps he’s not into women?  That’s the word on the street!  Ehh he didn’t have to talk to us for us to have a good time.  I still consider that the best night I’ve had.  I, no joke, was laughing for 4 hours straight and legitimately almost peed my pants several times.  I’m not kidding…I had to do the leg cross and everything!!!

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