The Model Workout On Crack

,Pilates on Crack could very well be the instatement of the century. I’ve taken about every different new exercise fad under the sun. I hit the barre, when ballet came to town, I have done Barry’s Bootcamp, I even tried that vibrating Pilates machine at one point till my brain started feeling fuzzy. I felt like I had done it all, so when I read this article about a new form of Pilates on crack, I didn’t really think much of it. How hard and intense could it really be?

However walking into Brooklyn Body Burn, my heart suddenly hit my throat. Everyone had this intense energy about them, like the beginning of a school race. I was the new guy in the room, and although I felt welcomed, I suddenly felt like I was a rookie in the middle of a boxing ring against the champ.

The class began, and one slip, tuck and crunch on the ‘megaformer’, for what seemed like the most intense stomach exercise of my life, sweat dripping and thinking I couldn’t possibly tolerate any more, I glanced at the clock and realized it was only five minutes into the class. 

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