The Power of Body Positivity

The mind

Your body is not a battleground. It is not a minefield or boobie-trap. Not just a piece of meat – well-done, with a side of judgment. Our bodies are not meant to be seen as a category in a size chart for easier purchase. Despite what we have been taught about sexuality, society is quick to condemn equally.

In the battle for equality between genders and cultures, there is one great equalizer  – men and women are judged and judge the body with a fine comb. Women are objectified in an obvious, overt way. Advertisements geared to promote the perfect shaved leg, bikini playground – the designer vagina. The perfect hair texture, colour and length – because you are worth it. The perfect ‘summer body’ whether by diet pills, meal plans or various ways to keep physically fit – because you should always just do it.

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