The Power of Body Positivity

Men are constantly reminded that they must make something financially of themselves and with that comes the pursuit of the perfection – Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘The Vitruvian Man’ comes to mind. Adonis. Superman. Ryan Gosling… Is it healthy to expect your future husband to have an amazing smile, six-pack, little hair, big hands and butt? No, not in and of itself, but we are bombarded with mental and physical expectations of the male body and what it should do and can do… not to mention the age old debate – does size really matter? Men are under as much pressure as women to fit into the lens of society’s body image receptor.

The message

I look at the naked human body as a ‘house’ and the clothes are the ‘furniture’. Our houses can always be renewed, revamped, remolded because we have a foundation – all the cool stuff happening inside our skin. But what happens when we don’t tend to our house? Or we are too busy grooming our house that we forget to step outside it; take in the fresh air and see that a house is not a home unless there is love is being nurtured in a healthy way within those walls. Corny? A little..

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