The Up And Coming Designers You Need To Know About

Instagram – @maya_r_ramirez


This 39 year old designer is someone to reckon with in the fashion industry! He is known for his artistically vibrant prints and retro cuts. He has been even featured across the board by high end magazines such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. He has come along way from working retail as a salesman, which supposedly is what helped cultivate his passion for fashion. He then moved up to a creative consultant for capsule projects and is now a entrepreneur! Because his visions are very unique and vary in genre, he has mastered the concept of designing for both fashion product, strategy and commercial! In 2008, he started his own partnership with Paolini Group and started his own MSGM brand! His business savvy and fashion sense has helped him be successful with this venture. His clear incorporations of contemporary art and Indie inspiration are an underlying theme in all of his compositions!

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