This Model Eats A Lot

,Food and fashion? Eating and models? Surely not. But yes, times are a-changing. Everyone from Emily Ratajkowski to Ianthe Rose is eating big and loving it. And who could forget Kate Upton in the famous Carls Jnr ad, demolishing a massive burger with finesse?

Models all over the world are rebelling against impossible standards imposed by the merciless fashion industry, the command of which is brutal in its impact on society.

The unforgiving measurements of 33-24-34 affects not only models, but trickles down to negatively influence millions of teenage girls around the world, who truly believe they need to fit within these impossible constraints in order to be perceived as desirable or cool.

This has manifested in disturbing terms on social media leading to an epidemic of young, impressionable girls trying to out-do each other in the shrinking stakes. Skeletal frames (dubbed “thinspo”) are worshipped, followed and imitated. And don’t even get us started on thigh gap envy. I mean, really?

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